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April 15, 2020

12 Ways you can help support us during Covid


12 Ways you can help support us during Covid


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I am a traveling storyteller; a photographer & educator telling epic life stories around the globe. We are based out of Kansas City or wherever you're from.  Proving you can be both a goofball & romantic. If not adventuring, you can find me cuddling with my fur babies on the couch with my laptop & a cold glass of milk, renovating an old vintage trailer of some sort with my husband or climbing trees with our kids outdoors.

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Everyone globally is adjusting to so much right now. I’m sure you’ve heard the statistics of how many jobs are in the Service & the Event Industry in America. According to Event Manager Blog “the events industry in the USA provides over 5.9 million jobs. (Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 2018)”

For us small businesses, and the ones most definitely in the event industry such as myself, our printing labs, our Coordinator friends, Florists, DJ’s, Musicians, Bridal Gowns, Caterers, Entertainers, and anyone in the wedding industry, we are starting to see if effect us rapidly. Personally, with 2/3 of our entire 2020 calendar being cancelled or pushed back to fall, we are rapidly losing income. It’s been a tad scary honestly. Everyone is applying for grants and scholarships, loans and aid. But there’s got to be a better way to serve you all during this time, while still being sustainable and keeping our business alive.

Many of our clients are so thoughtful, encouraging, kind and care so much about us. Thank you for reaching out to us too. We have a few creative ways we are hoping can bring us an income, serve you all and there are also many ways you can support us AT NO COST. Check out these ideas below.

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