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Brand Sessions for Small Businesses

Pop the champagne! If you're here, that means you've taken the leap to invest in and CELEBRATE YOU and all the hard work you've put into YOUR business! You pour into your clients and/or your products. Now, let's pour into you! 

Too often our super powers or products don't reflect what we're sharing online. We're here to help match your heart with your brand's identity through photos, videos and graphics.


“The attention to mood & heart is what I wanted to achieve in my branding photos was like we were speaking the same language!”

Our services

We specialize in authentic storytelling even with brands. Genuine emotions that allow your followers to feel or smell the emotion, experience or product in the photo. Goals: We want them to feel like they're inside the image itself.

Brand Photography

Service one


Taking your still images and complimenting them with movement (and sound). Videography allows someone to have the full experience and grasp and experience, service or product in a much more in depth way.

Brand Videography

Service Two


It's the hot thing right now! Grab one of our creator gurus to grab behind the scenes of everything you're doing for YOUR OWN social content galore. This includes tons of phone photos + films to play and create with for days.

BTS Content Creator

Service Three


There's something magical to experience life from a different perspective. Literally. Our birds eye view can capture angles and visuals we can't do from the ground. It's just that obvious.

Drone Photo + Video

Service Four


View some of our favs

View some of our favs

View some of our favs

View some of our favs

View some of our favs

View some of our favs

View some of our favs

View some of our favs

View some of our favs

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The Course Alumni in Bali

Explore Videos

Explore Videos

Explore Videos

- Matthew, Eclicktik Film

"My favorite photographer in Kansas City. For weddings, branding, anything at all. So kind, sweet, easy to work with and did I mention she’s the best photographer there is? Couldn’t recommend Jana enough."

- Jamie, plump

“I am so excited about the images. Not only was the process convenient and top quality but they are also timeless. So glad I have so much at my fingertips whenever I’m ready to change it up.”

- cait fore

"Stock Up really helps entrepreneurs needs for their social channels. I personally have used these images in my business and they help me showcase what I do. I am forever grateful."

- rachel, Hewitt & co

"Stock Up was instrumental in helping my digital presence (currently under construction!) It really came together in a way that represents my authentic self. The attention to mood & heart in what I wanted to achieve in my branding photos was like we were speaking the same language! Highly recommend Stock Up!"

online gallery for digital delivery

5-10 retouched images

50-100 digital files

1.5-2.5 hour session

30 min collab session

This Collection is for small businesses. Brand sessions are needed. Your business is ever growing and evolving. Big milestones are left undocumented or celebrated. Your clients want to know YOU and your story. They want to connect with you which ultimately connects them with your business, and better yet, the heart behind your business.

Brand Sessions are Tues - Fri day time only.


Photo Investment

online digital delivery

1 highlight video

1 short clip for social

1.5-2.5 hour session

30 min collab session

Photos are a wonderful asset to have for strong branding, but video brings your brand message to life.

Capture behind the scenes, product details, interactions with clients, personality between teammates, and so much more to truly reach your clientele through real life connection.


video Investment

Perfection = procrastination. And you don't have to be perfect. Our collaboration session will help you prepare for whatever you need, as well as help us make a shot list for your session so you know what to bring. Celebrate who you are now, and we can then celebrate who you grow into at a later date, also.

What if I don't feel ready?

1.5-2.5 hours seems like a long time, but we factor in the multiple outfit changes, potential a couple different locations or set ups, and we want to allow time to get some behind the scenes, some flat lays or detail shots, some lifestyle shots of you, and so on.. Time really does fly. If you want an extended session, we will pro-rate you per hour.

Why are sessions so long?

A $500 deposit along with a signed contract is due to get your session booked. The remainder is due no later than 3 weeks before your session date.  I accept cash, checks, ACH paid online through your invoice or Venmo @janamarieco.

Is there a deposit & how do I pay?

What others have wondered

Of course. Many time's companies will need models to really show their services or amenities. We are connected with a local modeling agency and can help gather the best type of people to represent your brand, or you may hire them on your own. We really encourage using models since they feel most comfortable in front of the camera and are prepared to excel in anything we suggest. They will need to sign a model release.

Can I bring in models?

Yes! Visual identity is HUGE in business. The way you're visually communicating & connecting with your clients will really sell, or not. The quality of your photography, branding & marketing is one of the most important things you can excel in. So if you want to look like a more high end pro from the start, I recommend diving in and getting professional brand photos and videos asap.

I'm a new business? Do I need pro photos now?

Is the Pope Catholic? Of course you get to use them across the board for your business needs: social, website, email blasts etc. If you end up running them in print, please credit us. If you need them for something like a billboard or much larger marketing piece, please reach out so we can approve and discuss if compensation is needed.

Do I get to use these for my business and website?


Yes. This package includes up to 5 people, but if you have a larger company needing group shots or head shots of the sorts, please don't hesitate to ask. We'll accommodate larger parties and projects most definitely if it is within our brand style.

Do you have limits for the amount of people you'll document?

Great question. Absolutely!  We will still do our shot list with you and collaborate so that we know exactly what you're needing and then when we get your supplies, we will rock it for you. Shipping will be paid for both ways by you, the client.

Can I just drop products off or ship to you to photograph them?

We edit ALL of your photos and/or videos and retouch 5 favorite photos complimentary. This includes the basics: cropping, straightening, lightening, etc. Retouching is more intensive (smoothing skin, removing hairs, swapping eyes etc) and cost $20/image. We do our best to insure things are being photographed correctly in camera and we have a great love and attention for detail but are also not held accountable for every piece of lint, jewelry being perfect etc. If your session is strictly product based where macro detail is important, then let's discuss. We do these a bit differently.

Are images and videos edited and/or retouched?

Visit our sister company's website for more information.

Not only do we do photo + video, but we have drones and Content creators too!

Let us help tell your brand's message.

With larger companies in mind also, we've combined forces with our favorite video crew of course, and created Travel Media Co for those medium to larger size destination companies. We focus on upscale travel experiences, events and locations.

We are Travel Media Co. A photo + video marketing team based out of Kansas City, Missouri and are available worldwide. In fact, we have already packed our bags. We've collectively got 40+ years of experience under our belt. We work mostly with medium size businesses to really help elevate your visual identity

We've created a sister company for you.

Destination Resorts
Larger Events
Travel Agency and more..

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