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Jana Marie is located in Kansas City, Missouri and happily serves clients all over the world.

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My husband wants to know if it's spring yet so all the "plant babies" can get outside.
#theyaretakingover #theykeepmultiplying

Our plant babies

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There just are not many things in this world that are greater than my fur baby Floyd. He is the one I always say is the best listener in my house and loves me more than anything. He's always by my side and is by far my best little "big" friend.

Our Golden Doodle Floyd

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Our six year old has been counting and pointing out all the Apple "things" in our house. Since he noticed their logo it's now a game to see what all he can find it on. I'm not a big shopper or brand obsessor but if there's one brand I'll be a die hard loyal to, it's Apple!

All things Apple

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We became #instaparents #instantparents November 2018 when we started fostering a new baby. We picked him up straight from the hospital. The most glorious feeling.. "It's a boy!" We had no idea. Our own version of a pregnancy announcement and how our family is being formed. We now have his big brother too.. They are the ball of energy and light of our lives!

My little family

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There is no greater reward than knowing the creator of the universe intimately. We are quite obsessed with traveling and are immensely mesmerized by all of His creation from wondering how long a small rock along a trail has been on Earth, to the intensely overwhelming feelings the Grand Canyon had on us as we tearfully stood in awe. Traveling is by far one of the greatest things in my life!

gods majesty

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Last year I was known as the "rainbow mom" at our kiddos pre-school. In high school, announcers for our lives-treamed volleyball games would ask "What color is Jana's hair this game?" (This still makes me laugh). Since I am not brave enough to get tattoos, my creative spirit comes out with hair color. Dying my hair well over 45+ times, I've had every color but blue.

mermaid hair

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