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January 11, 2019







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World travelin’, sustainability guru, humanitarian, foster and adoptive mommin’, photographer, photobooth-er, educator, multiple hat wearing entrepreneur. This girl’s love language is hugs and her tank is filled by serving others. You can find her under a palm tree, on a mountain, renovating a vintage trailer/house or running through the sprinklers with her husband, two boys and three fur babies.

We have an announcement! If you missed it from a few weeks ago on our Instagram and Facebook page, here was what we shared..

ITS A BOY!!💙 Welcome to the world little man!
HOW IT HAPPENED: Better believe God knows what he’s doing!
•10:22am a few weeks ago, I emailed our licensing worker reminding her we’re ready for a placement and willing to take newborns to 8 year olds.
•10:25 she calls back: “we have a newborn. Can you come get him today!”
•10:26 Philip and I looked like this: 😳😳😳😃😳😳😳
•3:00 we were at the hospital soaking it all in and leaving with a “whole baby!”
•6:30 we are home with a really wonderful addition to our family. Regardless of the outcome, we will love and support this kid forever.

💛 WHAT THE HECK ARE WE DOING? A BABY YOU SAW? Say whaaa? Did you miss me being pregnant? Haha. No we did not get pregnant overnight. Yes we did start our “semi” pregnancy story this summer with the start of foster training. Philip and I have known for many years we would love to adopt our little ones and that they are in the world somewhere waiting for us. We are “currently” fostering kiddos who need a safe haven while their ma and/or pa get the help and/or resources they need to get back on their feet and stable so they can provide the best life for their kiddo. Not all parents are bad in these situations but some just unfortunate or without resources. So we stepped in, did the training to get certified to love on these kids who need homes and BAM, straight out of the gate our journey begins. No, we have not tried to have our own kids. We want this kid who is out there waiting for a home to know that we’ve been searching for them and praying for them and that WE PICKED him or her, FIRST! He/she/they were not second choice for us. They were and are our first choice! And this will be so special to tell them someday. Now, we do know that the goal for the foster system is reunification with family, but we also know kids need good homes on this earth and God led us here. So we have no idea what our story will look like but when God says jump, we JUMP!

💛 BUT WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? First of all, God is the captain of our ship. He drives. We ride. Period. And we trust in Him. And we buckle up!

Second, because kids deserve better. They unfortunately suffer from bad decisions their parents have made through drug addictions, lack of work, support, needs etc and these kids NEED to be our worlds highest priorities. NO MATTER WHAT CONTINENT THEY LIVE ON. All kids need to come first. Did you know there are other 4,000 kids in Kansas City alone in the foster system who lay in bed crying every night because they feel no one loves them and they have no family, love or support. We want to see this STOP and believe it starts with us and it starts with educating people about it in hopes others will be these kids advocates too! Kids range from 0-18 and even after they age out of the foster system, they as adults need love and family too! Just as anyone does.

💛 Everyone keeps asking about how night #1 went. Don’t kill me and I know you’re laughing for what’s to come… but night one was a breeze! He has slept the entire night (and day) we’ve had him until we of course make him get up to eat and play a little. Weeks later he’s starting to become more alert but his favorite thing is still snuggling and sleeping.

He is SUCH a big smiler. I can tell he will be really special someday just by the smile.

He cuddles. All. The. Time! Man I was actually experiencing a little separation sadness today when I left for work. Yea, that time of year where I just want to stay in and be cozy anyway, and THIS GUY really is fun to just hold close!

Philip and I can’t thank you enough for your outpouring of all things positive. We made a quick post about fostering and getting our first placement, not a lot of you knew we were even doing this. But many of you got off work, gathered your things, bought things, stopped all you were doing and when we came home from the hospital last night with a three day old foster baby, with not a drop of newborn stuff, it’s like we had an “insta shower” waiting for us on our porch. Now that is love and support right there. We wouldn’t have had a successful night #1, 2, 3, 4 etc without all your texts of wisdom and tips and all kinds of support.

Philip and I can’t thank you enough.

💛 SO HOW ARE WE FEELING? Super great. Totally loving it while trying to wrap our head around the fact that this is going to be REALLY hard and quite a bit of a roller coaster ride emotionally. In all the ways. To love him as our own but understand the goal is reunification! (If I hear that one more time….. 🤦🏼‍♀️) Also, I’m not quite connecting that when people say “mom and dad, congratulations!” that they’re taking to me. So strange. So fun. But so strange. I’m a mom! Philips a Dad. Temporarily? Long term? Who knows? But the big man upstairs does.

We are pretty in love with this cute baby boy. I love knowing God made him perfectly how he wanted him and he is so healthy and happy. But my heart also hurts when I think of God hurting because this is NOT how he planned for his babies to be born into the world. They should be with mom and they should have better circumstances for the start of their journey. It’s just not fair. So my emotions are already breaking down all the different feelings and thoughts.

When I look at him, all my other emotions get pushed aside. I know that all this kid needs is love, a warm home for him to flourish and someone on his team. This kid NEEDS someone to step in right now more than anything, when he has no one, to nurture him, bond with him and provide everything he needs for a happy and successful start to his life. So that he can continue to have the best life. He is right where he needs to be and I’m grateful for the stars aligning and for us saying YES!

Meet our little guy. He was one week old when we did these “foxy” photos. He was our favorite Christmas gift this year our little Santa baby.


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