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15 reasons Dubsado changed my life…


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February 20, 2018

15 reasons Dubsado changed my life…






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World travelin’, sustainability guru, humanitarian, foster and adoptive mommin’, photographer, photobooth-er, educator, multiple hat wearing entrepreneur. This girl’s love language is hugs and her tank is filled by serving others. You can find her under a palm tree, on a mountain, renovating a vintage trailer/house or running through the sprinklers with her husband, two boys and three fur babies.


We all hear everyone say they have solutions to “Get Your Life Back” right? We live in a busy world that in turn creates the longing for that balance between personal life & business life. We often feel like our businesses are running us and it should be the other way around. WE should be running our BUSINESSES.


Look no further.

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I’m here to tell you 15 reasons why Dubsado truly gave me my life back! I’m not getting paid you all, but I am so in love with Dubsado I’d talk about it for hours if I could. Because I understand that more time with your spouse and kids, more time traveling, more time doing those hobbies you never have time for and more time to take care of YOU and your health is more important than being overworked & overwhelmed. If you can sell me on something, I will sure be your best cheerleader, shouting it from the mountaintops. And I know Dubsado is something that can totally HELP YOU and make your life better! Dubsado quickly turned my 9 year old 60 hour work week businesses easily into about a 30 (more normal) hour work week. And i’m still knocking down those hours. My husband actually asked me a few months back, “Do you even work anymore.” I actually have time to spend with him now and THAT is why investing in Dubsado was life changing for me. I had time to do the things I love AND run a successful business.


…….You all, I was that girl. I didn’t understand why people were paying for apps and online contract systems when we could easily do those things for free. I was so organized & bound to prove I didn’t need to pay someone to be organized. I couldn’t have been further from being wrong. I had my clients contact information on google drives, I had paper contracts and questionnaires that I mailed to my clients when they booked and they mailed them back, and I had 3 ring binders after 3 ring binders of papers I (thought I could, but) couldn’t keep track of. Clients kept asking me questions about how much their remainders were and the due dates and the paper’s on my desk were piling up. For me, who is quite obsessed with being organized and feeling tidy, after I had to always wait until I got home to answer my clients questions and then spend loads of extra time having to hunt for the answers, I realized maybe it was time I caved. As much as Google Drives were helping me keep track of Client’s Anniversaries and contact info, I thought I’d start the hunt to see what all this Online Management hype was all about.

It was last winter’s mission to hunt for the best. I looked into Tave, Honeybook and Dubsado. What seemed to be the top 3 best competitors.

While I won’t go into details for why I didn’t chose Tave and Honeybook I WILL totally go into the top reasons choosing DUBSADO was the absolute best decision I could’ve made for my business.

Dubsado, Client management, business organization, workflows, work smarter not harder

  • ONE – You can literally have everything backed up, online, organized in ONE place, and at your fingertips anytime you need it. No need for searching for things, ever, again! It somehow works amazingly on your phones too (without having to download an app).


  • TWO – The software is so intuitive, well designed, constantly (almost weekly) being updated with new features. The company is seriously listening to their clients needs and adding new features overnight. They do just about anything every company would ever need. It’s pretty ridiculous how amazing they serve us!


  • THREE – Did I mention the upgrades are always FREE?


  • FOUR – We can have up to three brands (aka businesses) that we can toggle back and forth between, which is amazing because we personally have 3 businesses we run healthily but need to keep them all separated. This allows us to manage it all!


  • FIVE – It also has bookkeeping to track your Income and Expenses for those who have a more simple business to run and don’t need something as detail oriented as Quickbooks. This is a great way to save money only having to use ONE program (Dubsado does it all baby). But for businesses like mine where we have a lot of intricate details we need to track, we also use Quick Books, but don’t fret….. DUBSADO AND QUICKBOOKS NOW SYNC TOGETHER (praise the Lord!)


  • SIX – You can keep the Dashboard up every day for your daily work flow. The dashboard:

Dubsado, Client management, business organization, workflows, work smarter not harder

A – ACCESS – Access all the links you need easily and clearly to edit forms & emails, create jobs and more. Isn’t everything so pretty and inviting too!?

B – CALENDAR – It lets you sync your calendar. My phone, computer, and Dubsado are all synced together. That way when a new client inquires about our services, their information is automatically put into our calendar on all devices for myself AND my husband to see (since we share calendars).

C – TO DO LIST – You can put all your (used to be Sticky Note) To-Do List of items that need to get done right there and check them off as you complete. If you’re anything like me, there’s something so gratifying about seeing items being checked off your list and watching them disappear.

D – FINANCIAL OVERVIEW – at your finger tips. A great way to see how you’re currently doing financially without having to search for it. It shows you how much you’ve made in Income that calendar year already, how much is Projected (invoiced but not received) and Grand Total (Invoice amounts paid & unpaid).

E – EMAILS – You can also sync your emails! This little button shows you how many emails you have and you can click right from your dashboard and it’ll take you into that specific client area where you can correspond back and forth like a chat box even though it’s going through your emails. You can still see your communication in your emails when you open up Gmail or whomever you use. (I don’t ever click on that button which is why my number is so high. For some reason I go directly to the Client’s Job to respond instead of clicking from the dashboard.) This button to it’s right also shows you if you have any current alerts (such as signed contracts, paid invoices etc).

F – TOGGLE BETWEEN BUSINESSES – This is where you can easily toggle back and forth between your businesses/brands (you get up to 3 at no extra cost. Add more for an additional fee). You can also access all your brand settings (uploading your logo, accepting credit cards or ACH deposits, connecting emails or Quickbooks and more)

G – CHAT BOX – BY FAR ONE OF EVERYONES FAVORITE THING ABOUT DUBSADO…. the lightening speed amazing customer service. This chat box right here lets you ask questions if you’re stuck and can’t find it on the Help docs, and the team responds faster than i’ve ever seen a company’s customer service respond! They truly desire to serve us so quickly it’s out of this world. Their Facebook community group (which is one of the most positive FB group i’ve ever been in) and Help Doc is also a great place to get help from the Dubsado Community. Becca Berg (owner, with her husband too) literally responds on FB what seems like in just seconds. No matter what time of day it is. I’m not saying take advantage of this, and that will probably change for more normalcy for them and their family life, but they are just so quick and we are so thankful for their speedy desire to help us grow our businesses.

Dubsado, Client management, business organization, workflows, work smarter not harder


  • SEVEN – One of my favorite features (lets be honest, I have a hundreds of reasons why Dubsado was my favorite) is that Dubsado allows you to really customize & brand yourself from start to finish, beautifully. They don’t stamp their name on everything or bring their “style or vibe” into your client’s experience. You choose what you want your forms, contracts, order forms & more to look like. Their system is so clean & easy to use, you can control (drag & drop) the aesthetics of everything your clients see so it looks like it’s coming from you! This was a huge win for me!


  • EIGHT – Which leads into Client Portals. One of my favs! This is something you can turn on and send to your clients so that they can have a place to refer back to for everything. Everything is in one place: their emails, appointments & reminders, documents, contracts, questionnaires, order forms, I even have our album ordering proofs in here for them to view & comment on. This makes me happy because it provides an “experience” for my clients! Instead of having to dig up emails or wonder about things, they can find everything in one place. We like to stay organized for our clients and to make them feel organized too. There is also a new feature that lets you customize a banner at the top to make it feel more personalized. Customize the buttons, colors and more as well.

Dubsado, Best client management system, Client Portal, Jana Marie Photography


  • NINE – Jobs. Quickly see who’s partially or fully paid, if they’ve viewed or signed their contracts & forms & when their job date is. You can also put in appointment reminders, notes, call logs and more so you can keep your ducks in a row.


  • TEN – Online contracts. Hallelujah online contracts! Do I even need to go any further? This was one of the biggest things I needed in an online management system. Dubsado lets you customize your contracts & also present them beautifully. Your clients can initial and sign where you need them to, it notifies you, and you can counter sign in seconds. All stored on the Client Portal. And it’s all just as legally binding.


  • ELEVEN – Online payments. Can someone throw me the pom poms already? I feel like the most spirited captain of a cheerleading squad. Your clients can pay via ACH fo’ free! (thank you, thank you). Or you can choose to turn on the option to have them pay with credit card through Swipe (who’s customer service is also fabulous). I personally charge a small fee if people want to pay with credit card, and Dubsado allows me to go into that specific client and turn on the cc option just for them.Dubsado, Online payments, invoicing, best client management systems, workflow, small business manaement


  • TWELVE – TIPS! Turn on a feature that allows your clients to tip you. The second I turned it on, my clients were sending the love as a thank you and it was an huge blessing that reassured us we served our clients well.


  • TWELVE – AUTOMATIONS! It just keeps getting better doesn’t it? Automations is ran by the hands of God himself. You can set up a LEAD CAPTURE FORM (which is a client “contact” area on your website) that allows your clients to choose what they are interested in, and then you can set up a workflow to auto send them welcome emails, proposals, even their contracts & invoices. You can set these things to auto send after they complete a certain step, or you can choose to “pause” it so you can check in on what’s going on. For instance — I am a photographer, so I automatically send them a welcome email & our Pricing Guide, but I have it paused so that I can check and make sure we have their date available before the workflow sends them their contract and invoice. I also like to meet with my wedding clients in person to make sure we are a good fit, so I can tell it when to start up again (manually, or by date or steps your client completes).  But for my photo booth business, because we have multiple photo booths and workers, we have everything set to automatically say hello to our clients, send them info and prices, and when they select what they want, it inputs it into the invoice and contract for us and sends to them automatically. Sometimes we book clients without even opening our computers. Don’t be worried about this sounding like everything is automatic. You can input smart fields so your clients names are dropped in so it is personalized to them.


  • THIRTEEN – Which leads us to canned emails & SCHEDULED EMAILS. Let’s be honest. We say the same thing over and over to each of our clients. It’s not that we aren’t being personal, but we literally have the same information and answers to questions that can be already written out for us, so that by the click of one button, we can insert that information for them and still have their name at the top because of the “smart fields.” Because of this awesome feature, we can also have Happy 1st Anniversary or Birthday emails send on certain dates or payment reminders a few days before due date so you don’t forget. By far my favorite thing about Dubsado’s emails is that you can schedule them to send at different times. Working late and after hours after the kids head to bed but don’t want your clients to see you’re emailing at 1am? Schedule it to send the next day at 9am, or customize it to whatever time you want. Hallelujah Dubsado!


  • FOURTEEN – Custom forms. The sky is the limit. You can send questionnaires, order forms, and even as much as creating an album proofing system for your clients which is another thing that tremendously SOLD me on Dubsado! You can also open forms up in a new window, download or print the forms, or even copy and paste the URL so that you can send to other people as well. We use this for sharing wedding drafted timelines with my client’s coordinators for an easy way to communicate.


  • FIFTEEN – There are so many other reasons why I love it.. i’ll leave you with some more features that you can dive into at Dubsado.com … you can set up task lists and apply certain workers to certain tasks, there is an address book to keep all your clients contact and alt contact information and details forever, there is a time tracker and many other amazing features that can work for any business you have. Excited to see all of your lives changed for the better if you end up getting Dubsado.


If you try out a free test version and end up falling in love as much as I did and would like 20% off your first month or year, use this code during sign up for the discount (It’s their 2nd year Birthday month so they are doing this super fly deal for anyone signing up under our code): sharethelove-jana


Let me know if you have any questions about Dubsado in the comments below, or if you’re a current Dubsado user, what YOUR favorite thing about this program is.




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  1. I just recently took the plunge, and you stole all the words out of my mouth! I own a Bridal Beauty business and as organized as I thought we were, Dubsado is going to change our lives!!

    I am still reading reviews and watching videos to uncover all of the hundreds of features. Thanks for your awesome breakdown!

    • Jana says:

      I love that they are always updating everything too! There are SO many added features since I posted about this. Hugs to you!

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