Matt & Kim | A Lawrence wedding


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October 14, 2016

Matt & Kim | A Lawrence wedding






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A little bit of romance, and a whole lot of fun!

Matt, my awesome friend with Hawleywood Films tied the knot with his very own dream girl this past weekend, October 7, 2016 at Abe and Jake’s Landing in Lawrence, Kansas. A pretty cool night club turned event space that runs along the river in Lawrence has you feeling like you’re aboard a boat if you look out through the windows to the rushing water. This place was so big with so many nooks and cranny’s. A bar in the back with an upstairs balcony, a little “village of houses” up top where everyone could get ready, an open dance floor and huge reception area for the couples who are so awesome they have hundreds and hundreds of guests, and a tunnel from the parking lot with Cinderella steps as you walk with dad down the isle, dress cascading behind you.

I seriously love these two! I’ve said it about 20 other times on all our social media platforms. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. But having their friendship along with their support and admiration for our art is just one of the most humbling and rewarding things about being a photographer. Matt and I have worked for years in the wedding industry together, us documenting in stills and him with his team from Hawleywood Films, a video crew (and one of the BEST might I add).

Kim, a heartbreaker with her voice as she secretly recorded a song for Matt that she wrote for their first dance. Ah, she had us all in tears. What a voice and what a heartfelt song. I couldn’t have paired two people more fitting for one another. I hope you both are enjoying your honeymoon in Europe. By the looks of my posting time, it should be brunch time for you? Breakfast in bed while you look back at your wedding day.

Congratulations to the Hawleys! More images to come on the gallery..2016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-001How do I luck out with the most heartfelt beautiful souls inside AND out? I’ve always had the best of friends who produce more relationships of awesome friends and on and on. I’m so lucky.

This is Kim opening Matt’s gift to her. ::tear:: He wrote her a journal, dating back to the year he met her. He dated and wrote in it the moment he knew she was the woman he wanted for ever and ever, and he poured out his love to her for her to look back on which now, became his vows. Yet another jaw dropping moment at the Hawley wedding this day!Abe and Jakes Landing, Lawrence Wedding Photographer, Lawrence Kansas, Lawrence Wedding, Fall, Fun, Romantic, Hawley, Jana Marie Photography, KC wedding photographer, Best Kansas City photographer2016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0032016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0042016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0052016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0062016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0072016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0082016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0092016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0102016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0112016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0122016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0132016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0142016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-0152016oct7-abe-and-jakes-landing-wedding-016Abe and Jakes Landing, Lawrence Wedding Photographer, Lawrence Kansas, Lawrence Wedding, Fall, Fun, Romantic, Hawley, Jana Marie Photography, KC wedding photographer, Best Kansas City photographer

Photography – Jana Marie Photography / Venue – Abe & Jake’s Landing

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