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Amy & Mark + Kansas City wedding


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April 11, 2013

Amy & Mark + Kansas City wedding






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Spring is here. And this wedding was as colorful as what we are excited for this season. After much rain in the Kansas City area, Mark and Amy had flawless weather. In the 70’s, sunny, fresh buds starting to bloom on the trees, and the darling look of the flower girl to the ring boy, wedding season is in full swing. I really had no down season this winter as I had three weddings.. so flowing from one month to the next has seemed like a long 2012 wedding season. But the refreshing blues and yellows have everyone smiling as they think about how fun this wedding was. And their Banana Who? Booth (photo booth) was a huge hit at their wedding reception held at Mike Onka Memorial Building  in the suburbs of Kansas City, in a small little town called Sugar Creek.

From the braids down to the teals in Amy’s wedding ring, everyone and everything was just beautiful. Thank you Amy & Mark for letting me, Tina, and Chris be such a large part of your day. And congratulations Mr & Mrs!

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Ceremony ~ St. Matthew’s Episcopal 

Reception ~ Mike Onka Memorial Hall 

Dress ~ David’s Bridal 

Hair ~ Sarah Squires (816-289-8235)

Makeup ~ Melissa Blayton

Spray Tan ~ Positive Radiance: Custom Airbrush Tanning  

Caterer ~ Mark Mika BBQ

Limo ~ Custom Limousine   

Floral design ~ Changing Seasons Gallery  

DJ: In the Mix Productions 

Cake ~ Covenant Cakes 

Rings ~ Especially Jewelry 

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  1. Amy says:

    I love these pictures, I cannot wait to see ALL OF THEM!

  2. Michelle Wheat says:


  3. Jennifer Waggoner says:

    wow your wedding was gorgeous!!! all the pictures turned out wonderful. great photographer and beautiful bride! 🙂

  4. Tina Sherman says:

    Your pictures are beautiful and you looked gorgeous! Congrats you two!

  5. Anne Sellers says:

    Wow… just wrote!!! Amazing pics, absolutely beautiful!

  6. Lauren Sanford says:

    Amy–These pictures are beautiful! (My favorite is the black & white of you two dancing.) Your reception hall is gorgeous–you guys looked like you had a BLAST! (Look at all those dancers!) I can’t wait to see all the pictures when they’re done!

  7. Sandy Giangrosso says:

    Beautiful wedding Mark & Amy! Love my granddaughter the flower girl! Excited to see ALL of the pictures!

  8. Dawn Pardee says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful wedding!

  9. Sarah Guardiola says:

    Beautiful wedding! Beautiful pictures!

  10. Abby says:

    I love these! Beautiful!

  11. Kelsey McGrath says:

    I love Any and Mark so much, theses pictures are beautiful 🙂

  12. shannon says:

    Love them!

  13. Linda Weber says:

    Beautiful pictures. Where is that red barn? Love it! Both of you look so in love with each other. After seeing these, wish I could go back 22 years and have a do over. Like too many to have an absolute favorite…love the black and whites, though.

  14. Rachael Zevecke says:

    LOVE the pictures! They are stunning!!! My favorite is the black and white with you guys leaning against the rock! It reminds me of all the great times I have had at that park! I am so happy for you guys!!

  15. Shelly McGrath says:

    Wonderful pictures!!

  16. Lorri says:

    You can tell me that I don’t have the most beautiful daughter in the world…. but I won’t believe you! You can tell me that I don’t have the most handsome son-in-law in the world… but I won’t believe you!

  17. Tammy says:

    I must say those are really beautiful pictures!!!!! Congrats to all of you!!

  18. Lindsey says:

    Beautiful Pictures! Congrats

  19. Kassy Filbeck says:

    They did such an amazing job 🙂 There is a reason that they run around tripping when the clouds are in the perfect spot! The pics are so beautfiul and sum up the whole day so well.

  20. Sandy Thompson says:

    Absolutely Amazing Perfect weather for your Wedding day the picture are Great they did a great job of covering everything so Beautiful

  21. mark says:

    i love all of the pictures

  22. Cassie says:

    Beautiful wedding, pics, and bride! Congrats to you two!

  23. Jim Beeves says:

    Nicki looked so beautiful. The photos are awesome. The photographers were so great. I loved the photo booth pictures.

  24. Sue Cooper says:

    I wanted to comment on my favorite photo but with so many beautiful ones I couldn’t choose!

  25. Maggie Hadfield says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!! I’m so happy for you guys!

  26. Ashley Terry says:

    Love the pictures! It was a great wedding to be
    at. You captured the event perfectly!

  27. Cheryl Dressback says:

    Beautiful pictures! Wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

  28. Kristina says:

    The pictures look awesome!! So happy for you both 🙂 <3 you guys!

  29. mark k mika says:

    great pictures

  30. allen says:


  31. laura says:


  32. Chyleina Herron says:

    You’ve done it again, Jana!! Beautiful photos!


  33. Tina Temple says:

    What a beautiful couple…..Congratulations!!!!!

  34. Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures. Love the red barn and the joy shown on everyone’s face.

  35. JoAnn Davis says:

    Awesome couple

  36. Ashley says:

    These look amazing!!! It definitely made running back & forth to bet the cloud worth it. Haha

  37. Rony says:

    Very nice pictures

  38. Aron says:

    Cool pictures! “youre gonna get kids now” ha

  39. Cindy says:

    These pictures are SO good………….the fun is reflected in each picture and so dramatic on some. CONGRATS!!

  40. Melissa says:

    I love the barn pics, Amy you look beautiful. Jana you always do a stand up job.

  41. jennifer says:

    everything looks beautiful!

  42. brooke richards says:

    Love love love these pics! Gorgeous bride 🙂 love the red barn and the photo booth pics

  43. Jess Brisco says:

    Gorgeous pictures!!! We had an amazing time at the wedding and these definitely captured all of the fun 🙂

  44. Erin says:

    Looks like fun! Great pictures!

  45. Jill Resch says:

    Just beautiful!

  46. Dana says:

    What great wedding photos! Beautiful couple!

  47. Lisa says:

    FUN Wedding. Thanks for including us in your say!

  48. Dan McGrath says:

    Beautiful wedding! Great pictures!

  49. Nancy Dooley says:

    The pictures turned out GREAT!! Congrats to the both of you 🙂

  50. Shannon Miller says:

    Amy and Mark – what incredible pictures that are display on this page. I am so sorry that I had to miss the wedding, but the pictures were so great it was almost as good as being there. (I said almost)! Thanks for sharing!

  51. Nikki Jo says:

    Your pictures are beautiful and you both look so happy. Congratulations!

  52. Emily says:

    Great pics! Beautiful bride!

  53. Krysten Howell says:

    great photos! I love them!

  54. Gina McCaulley says:

    You both look so happy. I love the barn and the whole outdoor scene. Looks Great!!!

  55. Cheryl Leach says:


  56. Tina says:

    Love the pictures

  57. Cyndi Pierce says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I love the teal!

  58. Lexi Pardee says:

    These pictures are so great!!! 🙂 and I found some of me!!

  59. Britt says:

    Beautiful photography!

  60. Jen Fimreite says:

    Gorgeous Pictures!! Congrats Again!

  61. Gracyn says:

    These are GORGEOUS!! I absolutely love them all!!(:

  62. Dana says:

    The pictures are beautiful, just like your wedding!!!

  63. Kacey says:


  64. Sissy says:

    Love the photos!!! Congrats to you guys 🙂
    Amy you are a beautiful bride!!!

  65. Whitney Ford says:

    You guys look great! Beautiful pictures! Congrats!

  66. Jonathan McGrath says:

    Great pictures!

  67. Christie Hasch says:

    Congratulations!! It looks like a beautiful wedding!

  68. Kelly Wescott says:

    Great day with a wonderful couple! The pictures are amazing! Really enjoyed having Chris & Tina around snapping shots! Amy, you were a beautiful bride & I’m of course obsessed with my beautiful baby! Thank you for having us all be a part of your big day! xo

  69. Heather says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! It was such a wonderful day to celebrate. CONGRATS

  70. nick says:

    awesome pics

  71. Susan says:

    what a beautiful and fun looking wedding

  72. Heather Myles says:

    The pictures are amazing!!!! Congrats! The big day was amazing!

  73. Rhiannon D. says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats!

  74. Jeremy says:

    Good looking couple for sure!!

  75. Kelsey says:

    Love love love 🙂

  76. Terry says:

    Great pics. You guys look great!

  77. coby jacobsen says:

    lovely pictures! Congratulations to the two of you!

  78. dana boyd says:

    Beautiful pictures, Beautiful wedding, Beautiful bride!!!!

  79. robyn says:

    Was an absolutely gorgeous wedding! Congrats!

  80. Toni Boehm says:

    These pictures are beautiful!! What a beautiful wedding!!

  81. Jennifer Moseley says:

    So beautiful!

  82. Jessica says:

    OK, so I was only going to log on to help you get your 150 comments but, for reals, GORGEOUS pictures. Looks like your wedding was amazing. Congrats!

  83. Absolutely breathtaking! Many years of happiness and love.

  84. Jennifer says:


  85. jennifer heinrichs says:

    Cute Colors!

  86. Ben says:

    Awesome pictures!

  87. Abby says:


  88. Sarah says:


  89. jessica H. says:

    Beautiful.wedding! Love the dress

  90. Michele says:

    Nicki – these are awesome – looks like everyone had a blast

  91. jack says:

    Great pictures!

  92. Andrea says:

    Absolutely stunning! Congrats guys!

  93. Kelly says:

    The pictures are beautiful!

  94. Sarah Otto says:

    Beautiful pics!! Congrats!

  95. terre says:

    Beautiful pics! Amy, you are a gorgeous bride!

  96. Emily Lehman says:

    Beautiful wedding! Amazing pictures!!!

  97. Jessika Rowe says:

    Congrats Amy (I almost typed Nikki)!! The wedding looks beautiful and so do you!!

  98. Thomas Dean says:

    Mark these are so great – Veronica and I only wish we could have celebrated with you.

  99. Kathy Tillman says:

    Since I didn’t make it to the wedding I’m glad I got to see these beautiful pictures!!

  100. Danielle says:

    Love the pictures!

  101. Emily Tillman says:

    Great pictures! Sorry we missed it!

  102. Zack Tillman says:

    Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  103. Matt Tillman says:

    Great pictures!

  104. Tammy Lauffer says:

    Congratulations! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

  105. Buddy & Charlie says:

    Great photos!! 🙂

  106. Tommi says:

    So pretty! Love them 🙂

  107. Rachael says:

    Simply amazing photos! They are so pretty. Congrats

  108. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Nice photos.

  109. Tim Pardee says:

    You guys look great! Nice pics!

  110. Angi says:

    Loved looking through the pictures, absolutely gorgeous.

  111. Stacie Edwards says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats!

  112. Krista L Mead says:

    Love the photos!

  113. Gina Reifel says:

    Congrats. Beautiful pictures.

  114. Btittany says:

    One word, STUNNING! Absolutely love!

  115. Bailey says:

    Love these pictures! And the photo booth was so much fun!

  116. Amanda says:

    Looks so much fun

  117. Rikki says:

    Amy looks like a dream!

  118. James Westfall says:

    I agree with Dr. Kenneth Noisewater. Nice photos!

  119. Peter McGrath says:

    Congrats to both of you!

  120. Bailey says:

    Love these!!! Congrats you guys!

  121. Kelly Wescott says:

    WONDERFUL pictures! Chris & Tina were so much fun & they obviously got some great shots! Amy, you made a beautiful bride… Can’t wait to see more of you & my lovely little Flower Girl! 🙂 Thank you again, for letting my family be a part of your special day!

  122. Kuiper says:

    These pictures are simply beautiful. So happy for you!

  123. dwivht davis says:

    Wonderful wedding great photos

  124. Danaeja Davis says:

    Happy Wedding Day Miss Nikki!

  125. Jennifer Mahoney says:

    You are such a beautiful bride! Congrats!

  126. DC says:

    Great pics! Congratulations!

  127. April says:

    Amazing pictures!

  128. Veronica Dean says:

    I love the contrast of colors and the beautiful use of black and white

  129. Debbie Myles says:

    Congratulations on your big day!!! The pictures are amazing!

  130. Cory H. says:

    Congrats dude.

  131. Diana says:

    such great photos!

  132. chad says:

    we had a blast, great pics!

  133. positive radiance says:

    beautiful tans Amy & Sarah! and what a great wedding!

  134. Natalie says:

    Amy you looked stunning! Wonderful pictures! Great work Jana, as usual.

  135. Drew DePeralta says:

    Congrats guys!!

  136. Cindy says:

    Wishing you both many,many,many years of happiness and memories together.

  137. Bobbie Miller says:


    ride & Groom are a good looking couple .

  138. denise masters says:

    Loved the photobooth and all the pictures

  139. Angie Meinershagen says:

    The pictures are amazing! Congrats to you both!!

  140. Tim cooper says:

    Great pictures

  141. Rachael says:

    Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous pictures, gorgeous bride!!!!!

  142. Katie Rowe-Cooper says:

    Congrats Amy & Mark. Your pictures are beautiful!

  143. Lauren Conner says:

    Congrats Amy!!! You looked beautiful and so HAPPY!!! Love the pics!

  144. brandy j says:

    Gorgeous pics! You are stunning Amy! Hope you guys have a lifetime of happiness together!

  145. Danielle Fernandez says:

    Looks like you had a magical day! Congrats!!

  146. Shari davis says:

    Awesome pics!

  147. Ashley says:

    Congratulations! The pictures are beautiful!

  148. Chelsea Zagalik says:

    You are gorgeous and so are your pictures! So happy for you!!!

  149. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Congratulations to you Mark and your beautiful new bride Amy!

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