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The Shipley family farm wedding {Indep}


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November 13, 2012

The Shipley family farm wedding {Indep}






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There really are a lack of words when it comes to writing about a couple who is nothing less than amazing for this world, amazing together, incredible in their family life and just nearly perfect in every way. Musicians, artists, athletes, wholesome people. Everything about Bethany & Eli and their family I adored. From being greeted by Bethanys very respectable and young brothers, I was blown away by everyones kindness and grateful hearts to be apart of this unity. This seriously, powerful, unity!   I’ve never seen such a powerful first site. I don’t cry for anything, and I see weddings all the time. The only way you can get me to cry is to make my heart flutter with happiness so much, that I just can’t resist. BAM. Bethany and Eli’s first site, blew me away! My assistant Melissa and I were in the trees at a distance saying to each other “oh stop it now.. quit it… man don’t make us cry.” And we did, together.. as we watched Bethany and Eli see each other for the first time on their WEDDING day. The day they’ve been waiting for their whole lives. I know for sure they’ve been counting the days as I literally watched Bethany count down every single day on Facebook for months {smiles}

I can’t speak as well as the moments expressed in these images. The carving on the tree from their dating years, the woods that Eli mowed and cut down trees for the perfect isle of green carpeted grass for his bride to walk to him, the warm fuzzy cottage home that Eli and his many siblings grew up in, the convincing of the family members to me that mom and grandma really were “mom and grandma” and not sisters of the bride, the push ups between Bethanys mom and a groomsman, or Eli’s karate kicks… or maybe the shoes of the athletics people who just couldn’t bare to wear dress shoes. This wedding is exactly fitting for them all. Enjoy looking back at this beautiful day, where the rain held off until exactly 9pm when the reception ended and Bethany and Eli wrapped up their wedding day together on their family farm in Independence, Missouri. Perfect day!

What beautiful people! Congratulations to you all. The world is a better place because you are together. If you want to see more of their images from the engagement session + wedding day click here:

Beloved session | https://janamarie.co/?p=4613

Wedding images on the gallery | http://www.janamariephotos-gallery.com/Weddings/Bethany-Eli-wedding 

Bethanys vows to Eli on Vimeo | https://vimeo.com/53045130

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Photography ~ Jana Marie Photography | Tents ~ Celebration KC | Brooches and Bouquets ~ hand made by bride and mom | Programs and Invites ~ designed by bride and groom | Dress ~  Dora Grace Bridal Shop in Ft Collins    | Cupcakes and desserts ~ made by friends | Rings ~ Shane Co

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  1. Debbie Kennedy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these with us! I’ve been blessed to know the Thompson’s since before I was a teenager! So exciting to see the beautiful Godly young woman that Bethany has turned in to! Can’t wait to see how the Lord blesses this marriage!

  2. Lauren says:

    Such a beautiful and special day! What a perfect start.

  3. Sonya Thompson says:

    I’m feeling like a big ol’ crybaby over here, but you’re pulling my heartstrings. I can’t look at the pictures you captured and not be overcome with “joy tears”. Thank you for all you did…the pictures are amazing!!

  4. Kirsten says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. Hannah Switzer says:

    These photos are BEAUTIFUL! Bethany and Eli, I wish the best to you two beautiful people. All the lovely inside you makes you two so lovely. I know God has great plans for you as you follow Him together. I love you both!

  6. Shirley Humphries says:

    What an amazing job! Love, love all the pics….Amazing day for an amazing couple captured so beautifully!

  7. Londa says:

    I found myself almost crying just reading your descriptions of the day…then the pictures…no hope for me without a tissue! 🙂 You did such an amazing job on capturing this day. Thank you to you and your wonderful assistant!

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