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The colors of Mizzou {Columbia Beloved}


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November 7, 2012

The colors of Mizzou {Columbia Beloved}






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Mizzou, Downtown Columbia, Beloved photography, Jana Marie Photos, couples, love, College town, colorful

A-I am SO glad to have met this couple. I knew the minute I met them they were very adorable people together and everything about their wedding is so very much what I look for in couples. From their personalities, to their style of wedding, to the whole planning process.

B-Thrilled that they asked me to come back to their college campus where they went to school together, at University of Missouri. Of course I love the little college town of Columbia, Missouri. Where I spent so many delicious meals at Shakespheres Pizza with my friends…a few great basketball games.. a lot of fun things as we hopped the town on the weekends.  And being back to see all the places that meant something to Brittany and Chris was reminiscing for them, which made it exciting to hear about.

C-If ever two people were meant to be together.. it’d be these two. Yes their excitement for life and enthusiasm just to be together is pretty awesome, BUT the fact that I think they look so gosh darn similar just cracked me up. Every picture I took and looked at I thought “awww, you two are so stinking cute.” And then I would think, MAN they’re both beautiful and look so similar. Brittany told me that when she would visit Chris fraternity Kappa Alpha Order, that they would always ask Chris, “Why is your sister visiting so much?” Too funny.

D-I LOVED the fact that their photo shoot, looks as colorful and bright as the smiles and positivity they both brought to this session. And to every meeting I’ve had with them. So fitting for them both to be in such a lively atmosphere in Columbia where they spent so many hours hovering over text books, staying up all night studying or hanging out with friends, eating great food and living in the multiple loft spaces and frat houses there were.

E-So thrilled that Chris and Brittany had lunch with me at Shakespheres pizza downtown. One of my favorite eating places of the area. Yum!

F-My favorite thing I have re-quoted every day since this session, is the wonderful phrase we saw written on the wall of the construction zone: “Let the love in your heart, rule your life.” Love!

G-I’m very excited to be a part of your wedding experience Brittany and Chris. I know there will be nothing short of excitement as you grow together. I hope you can feel in your images, like you are back at Mizzou for the long Homecoming weekend you had. Enjoy!

H-See the rest of their images (and there are a lot, as we spent half the day there) by clicking here.

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  1. If there was ever a perfect couple they are the ones. I love you guys and look forward to being with you on your special day.

  2. Roxanne LaMonica says:

    What fantastic pictures! Looks like a photo shoot for a magazine.

  3. […] people. I’ve been looking forward to this wedding since I met them almost a year ago! Their Beloved (engagement) session at Mizzou in Columbia, Missouri was one of my favorites I’ve ever been a […]

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