8 tips for building a marriage that thrives


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May 28, 2012

8 tips for building a marriage that thrives






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Another email from mom. She always sends me good things, but you know, I receive so many awesome emails it’s hard for something to really stand out. This really caught my attention. Hello, I’m a wedding photographer.. it’s in my blood to talk about marriage, dream of helping relationship, plan ideas for healthy lifestyles and families, and anything love related really. I hope you enjoy this good read as much as I did. I definitely think these are realistic things we can achieve to help make our lives more fulfilled and enjoyable. I very much loved all this advice, (and I’m not even married yet.)

8 tips for building a marriage that thrives

The mega-million spent by Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, and Katy Perry and Russell Brand, on their lavish and exotic weddings failed to guarantee a long and blissful union. But they are not alone. Recent statistics show a decline in couples getting married and staying married for more than a few months or years.

Can Marriages survive in today’s culture? Long-wedded author, Poppy Smith says “Yes.” Here are Smith’s tips for building a marriage that not only works, but THRIVES:

1. Re-adjust your expectations. You didn’t marry your clone. Naturally, your partner will view some things differently. Be willing to flex and accept their right to be themselves. (love this)

2. Appreciate your different strengths. Analyze your personalities, your backgrounds, and what’s important to each of you. Identify each other’s strengths and affirm what these add to your relationship.

3. Learn to communicate so you’re heard. Women tend to explain and expand. Men tend to edit. To be heard, communicate according to your spouses’s desired styles, not yours. (uww. Insightful.)

4. Understand each other’s feelings about money. Does money signal fun? Symbolize success? Guarantee security? Or ensure power? Knowing what it means to both of you helps in settling money battles.

5. Practice a conflict resolution style that works for both. Clarify what the conflict is about. Listen to each other’s reasoning and feelings without interrupting. Then decide what best builds your relationships. (hard to do)

6. Recognize the emotional needs of your mate. Both men and women want to be valued, admired, respected, and listened to. Discover what makes your spouse feel loved and special, then find ways to meet that need.

7. Prioritize romance and sexual intimacy. Sex matters. It gives physical and emotional pleasure, strengthens love, and depends commitment. Make time to be sensuous. It pays rich dividends.

8. Share your DREAMS. What is it each of you longs to achieve? Are there some dreams you want to accomplish together? Be encouragers to each other and discuss steps you can take now towards your goals.


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  1. nora says:

    I love your blog.. 8 tips for building marriage that thrives.. love it .. and sooo true

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