Leah & Pat + a great way to end the summer


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September 26, 2011

Leah & Pat + a great way to end the summer






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Hands down,  this was the largest number of bridal party members I have ever witnessed. 25 to be exact. It just comes with the territory when Pat played baseball in college, as well as Leah playing volleyball in college. You’d think would have been hectic, but they were all so much fun and surprisingly very attentive. We got some fabulous photos of  all  25 of them, and I am so thrilled to show you how beautiful Leah & Pat were on their wedding day. If you didn’t attend, be ready to drop your jaws. Their colors were bright, fun, and reflected their friends and their personalities.  What a great way to end the summer.

I’m not sure which was better? The expression on Pat’s face as bubbles were blown heavily into his face after leaving the reception, the stunning eyes of Leah as we did their bridal portraits, the cute little “rabbit” kitten that enjoyed our company as we got ready for the day, the ring boy bashfully trying to hide from me behind walls and chairs as he caught me trying to catch a picture from across the room, or Pat’s mom trying to out dance some bridesmaids and the man in a sling at the reception. There were too many enjoyable moments to have one stand out before another.


Here are the brides favorite moments…
My aunt Michelle Black marrying us. Very very special.
Wearing my grandmothers wedding ring for something old.
My grandfather telling me how beautiful I was, and I think in that moment he knew who I was.
My other grandpa driving 14 hours by himself, he’s 89! To surprise me at the wedding.
Friends Holli, Gillette and neice Leilani Day singing so beautifully at the wedding.
Feeling so much love from everyone that day!
It was the perfect day. The perfect ginormous, fun, wedding party, the awesome fuchsia pink everywhere, the bright colored flowers, all the wonderful people who came to celebrate or union, and oh yeah, the perfect man, Pat Maloney, who asked me in the first place.
Thanks to our families and friends who put so much work into making it perfect!

Congratulations to the beautiful Mr and Mrs Pat and Leah.  Enjoy!


Church | 39th St Community of Christ

Dress | Bridal Extraordinaire

Tux | Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaid dresses | Bridal solutions

Cake | Rosemary Smith

Music | Groove Entertainment

Caterer | Neighborhoods Cafe

Florist | Dreamscapes by CJ

What song did you dance to for your first dance?
Pat played this song for me after he proposed. I had never heard it before that moment. Marry me by TrainWhat were any DYI projects you did:
We made all the centerpieces, I thought the baseballs represented Pat and the Flower, me, so Pat and I combined the two into the glass holders! Very fun!
We had a huge group of people help to set up the hall. THANK YOU!

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