Fun things to do with a bucket of minos + Kami & Cory wedding {Lee’s Summit, Mo}


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November 8, 2010

Fun things to do with a bucket of minos + Kami & Cory wedding {Lee’s Summit, Mo}






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I bet you’re all wondering what the title means.. well you must see these pics to completely understand how that works.

I wish every fall day was like. The weather was perfect, families were at Faulkners ranch riding horses, fishing, getting lost in the corn mazes and picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve. Other than the many people that were everywhere, this was the perfect spot for a wedding for Kami and Cory.

I don’t know if you noticed, but the groomsmen’s vests were camo, Kami has a sheer camo strip that was sewn into her dress so you could see it when it was bustled, and the bridesmaids also sported their camo ribbon across their dresses. I love it when brides creativity can mix a bit of fun and class as the same time. And then during the ceremony, of course we had to have a flock of birds heading south, fly over the guests and then deer walk near us.. and the pastor, of course, found it only necessary to stop so everyone could uw and aw. (I think Cory was drooling with the triple threat at his hands.. (Kami + deer + beer)

Every.. single.. friend.. and family member.. had a stinking blast. Scroll down to see what kind of interesting things can happen when you bring a big bucket of minos to a reception full of fearless people.

Congratulations Kami & Cory!

Kami & Cory001
Kami & Cory002
Kami & Cory003
Kami & Cory004
Kami & Cory005
Kami & Cory006Kami & Cory007
Kami & Cory008
Kami & Cory009
Kami & Cory010
Kami & Cory011
Kami & Cory012
Kami & Cory013
Kami & Cory014
Kami & Cory015
Kami & Cory016
Kami & Cory017
Kami & Cory018
Kami & Cory019
Kami & Cory020
Kami & Cory021
Kami & Cory022
Kami & Cory023
Kami & Cory024
Kami & Cory025
Kami & Cory026
Kami & Cory027
Kami & Cory028
Kami & Cory029
Kami & Cory030
Kami & Cory031
Kami & Cory032Kami & Cory033
Kami & Cory034
Kami & Cory035
Kami & Cory036
Kami & Cory037

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  1. MOB says:

    The pictures are GREAT!!! and a wonderful time was had by all! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  2. amp says:

    Great Pictures!

  3. Leanne says:

    I hope it was as perfect as these pictures……..they are amazing!!! Good Luck!!!

  4. Brandin says:

    AGREED!!! Love the pics! Great job Jana! You rock! —MOH

  5. Jim Henderson family says:

    Great photography! Loved viewing all the pics since we could not be there.Awesome wedding.

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