Leah & Nick Engaged


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October 26, 2010

Leah & Nick Engaged






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World travelin’, sustainability guru, humanitarian, foster and adoptive mommin’, photographer, photobooth-er, educator, multiple hat wearing entrepreneur. This girl’s love language is hugs and her tank is filled by serving others. You can find her under a palm tree, on a mountain, renovating a vintage trailer/house or running through the sprinklers with her husband, two boys and three fur babies.

Man. I just had to steal this inevitable quote for the subject like, from the groom to be himself, Nick. Very fitting.
It’s engagement sessions like this, that I adore. Not only because they are that cool but because I get that rare and “make my day” kind of email from.. NOT THE BRIDE to be.. but the groom to be. Nick emailed me letting me know how much fun they had and it’s moments like this {tissue} that I pause an think “this is the start of a beautiful relationship.” {corny?} I know I know. But really. Not only is their relationship so fantastic together, the kind of couple that makes each other better people when the other is around but also because I get to spend some pretty intense time with these two as they plan their big day and hopefully in the mean time, gain some pretty rad friends— I love it!
So Leah, as I said before… I approve! {smiles}
Enjoy your engagement session and congratulations again to Leah & Nick!

Leah & Nick001
Leah & Nick002

The neighbors yard near the beautiful Truman home.
I bet you never would have guessed huh?

Leah & Nick003
Leah & Nick004
Leah & Nick005

Above the mantle. It’s only necessary.

Leah & Nick006

Leah & Nick007
Leah & Nick008
Leah & Nick009
Leah & Nick010
Leah & Nick011

Ow ow!Leah & Nick012
Leah & Nick013
“Fighting the mosquitos and cockle-burs” of the Independence square, this dog that was born to model.
Just a whistle and those ears perked right up.Leah & Nick014

Leah & Nick015
Leah & Nick016
Leah & Nick017
Leah & Nick018
Leah & Nick019

YESSS!Leah & Nick020

Leah & Nick021
Leah & Nick022
Leah & Nick023
Leah & Nick024
Leah & Nick025

There should be no one on the beautiful green earth who doesn’t love this next series?Leah & Nick026
Leah & Nick027
Leah & Nick028
Leah & Nick029
Leah & Nick030
Leah & Nick031
Leah & Nick032
Leah & Nick033
Some pretty sweet comments are highly encouraged for this sweet duo below.
Creativity is very accepted!
Just click the “comment’ button.
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  1. They are so cute together! Love it!

  2. Kim says:

    What a fun photo session that must have been! I believe Nick was telling you truth about the fun they had.
    Ya just gotta smile when you look at their photos! Beautiful job to the photographer and great choice of settings!
    That dog is adorable and needs to be a model! Ha! Thank you for the smiles!

  3. Leah says:

    We had SUCH an AMAZING photographer! LOVE her!

  4. Shayla says:

    Leah and Nick your both so photogenic! And way to get a little baby Oliver who is so photogenic as well!! Great photos!! I love them!!! You can't help but smile when you look through them! Great photographer!!! Beautiful settings! Can't wait to see the wedding photos! :):)

  5. Susan says:

    I love them! I am also glad the the "Whole" family was in the pictures. I love the "teacher look" towards the bottom, Leah! The one with you both in the air, PRICELESS!!! Thanks for sharing they are fantastic!!!

  6. Nancy H. says:

    Leah and Nick, What great great pictures! You are such a wonderful looking couple and these pictures really help to capture that! Best wishes for your future together! I really enjoyed the creative picture of you two jumping in the air!!! That is awesome!

  7. Lesli Arnold says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!!! I was laughing and smiling the whole time!!! I love that you put Oliver in there too! He's a wonderful model. You taught him well! 🙂 Love y'all! I can't wait for the wedding pictures!

  8. Terrie B says:

    These are simply stunning pictures of two wonderful folks who are both beautiful inside and out! The only difficulty will be picking which pictures you want! Can NOT wait to see the wedding photos!

  9. Julie F says:

    LOVE EM!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such a fun album to look at. Loved the backgrounds and colors. Really well done. :O)

  10. Fleming says:

    btw..love the jumping one! ..and the serious one in the field…and the Oliver pictures. Too cute.

  11. You photos are beautiful! My favorite is Leah & Nick 012 (Sepia toned picture with serious expressions). Plus, I love Oliver! So cute!

  12. Shannon L says:

    These pictures are amazing!!! Blake likes them also. You are such a cute couple! Best Wishes!!!

  13. Nick B says:

    I LOVE them all! What a great photographer we have! You added so many elements to each photo to take them over the top. Truly a joy to be around and made this such a fun shoot. You captured US (and the boy) exceptionally.

    PS – I highly suggest the general public practice safe stretching before attempting any high flying ninja kicks. Groin is still recovering.

  14. Becky G. says:

    Those are the best pictures EVER! How in the world will you decide? You guys look great and adding Oliver in was awesome!

  15. Erin W. says:

    I am a little biased, but these look great. I love the back ground, and how they look so natural and unique. The jumping one is my favorite little brother.

  16. Payton W. says:

    Those look great Uncle Nick. I especially love the ones with Oliver.

  17. Rebecca Mace says:

    Too Cute! My favorites are the ones that look like the sun is setting and you two are in a wheat field. I can't wait for the wedding. Don't forget to invite me! I'd love for her to take pictures of Wes, Ashley and I.

  18. Lyn says:

    What terrific pictures! I love them!

  19. Aunt Gretchen says:

    These photographs are adorable. Just love the colors and the backgrounds!

  20. Chad says:

    Didn't realize Nick had such Ninja Skills.

  21. Chris says:

    Awesome photos

  22. Joy says:

    i love your photos!! Some of them seriously look like they should be in a magazine! I can't wait for the wedding you guys are beautiful! I love your face!

  23. Nate says:

    Very cool pics.

  24. Jennie H. says:

    Not many couples can pull off a kung fu shot, but you guys did it! What fabulous photos! And of course Oliver looked amazing. He should go pro. Good luck deciding. Maybe one of each!

  25. Deena G. says:

    WOW! I am so impressed. Such a beautifly couple and such beautiful photos. You should be very proud! My favorite is where Leah is lying in Nick's arms, her eyes are closed, and Nick is kissing her.

  26. Stephanie D. says:

    Super cute you two! I totally love the serious one, jumping one, and any with Ollie. Looking forward to seeing the wedding pics since I won't be able to go…bummer.

  27. Jeff B says:

    Great photos. Like father like son?

    Wish we had some from 35 years ago!

  28. Jennifer C. says:

    I love each and every photo but I love Nick and Leah more! … and Ollie, wow is he photogenic. All of the photos capture the essence if their personalities. It would be impossible to select which ones to use.

  29. Maria Bock says:

    LOVE these photos…they truly capture the two of you!! Can't wait for the big day!!

  30. Carole Cantrell says:

    Wow. Love is truly beautiful.

  31. Lorna Raden says:

    Aunt Lorna

    I loved all the photos. They are beautiful and artfully done. Having the dog included in the pictures was a wonderful idea. Leah, you look beautiful. Nick, you look handsome. Ollie, you are cute.

  32. Brittany Emily says:

    These are awesome pictures from start to finish- so many cute ones I can't even pick a favorite! You too are so cute together and the pictures are amazing-Congratulations!

  33. julianna says:

    jana, yet again you've produced some amazing photos. i loved them all! leah and nick, you look fabulous! leah, it looks like you really have found the man of your dreams. nick, i can't wait to meet you.

  34. BC ByH2O says:

    Great photos for an even greater couple. Good luck with your wedding planning and upcoming nuptials! (Leah – I love the sepia toned ones as well – Leah&Nick012 – all I can say is WOW! Is that out of a magazine ad or what!?!)

  35. Jeremy E. says:

    Wow. Great pics. Looks like all is going great. Let us know if you guys need anything.

  36. Nicole D says:

    Love the Pics!!! You two (shall I say 3) look so happy!! You can tell you had a lot of fun during the session!

  37. Chanda says:

    You guys look great! Love the jumping pic! What a great time of year for photos! Congrats Leah and Nick! Can't wait to see you two again soon!

  38. Stephanie P says:

    Your pictures are awesome. Love #20!

  39. Jennifer says:

    Amazing photos Leah! You are so beautiful, and the two of you look so happy together. Cheers to a happy marriage and the two of you growing old together. Abosolutely Awesome!!!

  40. Lindsay Rimel says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos! Can't wait to see the wedding photos. Pretty sure you should have this fabulous photographer take at least one photo of your matchmakers….that changed your life! 🙂 Love you guys!

  41. Amanda True says:

    The pictures look great!! I love the jumping photo!! Congratulations!!

  42. Aaron Rimel says:

    My wife tells me to say something nice and not smart…. You guys look soooo cute!

  43. Mike True says:

    The pictures are beautiful…..where do you get your dog groomed at???? 🙂

  44. Reese True says:

    Reese says….."OOOOOH, There is kissing!" HEE HEE. Great Pics!

  45. Ryan Mullins says:

    These are really cute…..I like all of them! I like Oliver!

  46. Sasquatch says:

    oMg! You guys are like totally the cutest couple ever. My favorite photo is NINJA KICK TO THE FACE!!!

  47. Erin W. says:

    Hello from Albuquerque, Colton and I had a great time looking at your pics. Looks like you had so much fun. Colton likes the puppy ones, too cute! Can't wait to see the wedding pics.

  48. Gaby says:

    My fav is #12. I am so happy for you both.

  49. Bryan H says:

    Great photos. The focus (and maybe even more importantly, the out-of-focus) items in many of the photos really highlights the bride and groom to be…not to mention a really awesome dog. Great job!

  50. Dan & Leah says:

    WOW! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing these with us– I'll take a copy of each (jk!). w/love

  51. Jennifer says:

    I just got your email about these pictures. I dont use that email anymore. My new address is jnfrmkow@yahoo.com
    BUT!! I love the pictures!! They are great. I have some favorites but love them all!!! Kinda teary eyed looking at them.. I am sooo happy for you!! We have come a long way from out dress up years. Love you to death! I wish you the best..

  52. Bob Newfus says:

    Great pics

  53. James Carnell says:

    Awfully delightful.

  54. Tim says:

    I love the dog!

  55. Aaron says:

    Great photos!

  56. Pete R says:

    Classic shots! Hot stuff x2!! But I'm going to have to hot-line you guys in for animal cruelty… that stunt of launching the dog was over the line..

  57. Stephanie Rogge says:

    I love your pictures! Peter and I hope to see you both soon!

  58. Janet B. says:

    Now you're ready for House Hunters on HGTV. Seriously, I swear they only take the most photogenic people to look for houses! These photos are super, super, super! (But get that sweet dog off the train tracks!)

  59. Carla Brown says:

    What beautiful photos! I love the background for each picture. I knew you guys would make great pictures but I did not know Oliver was such a good model! Best wishes for a bright future together! Love, Carla

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