Jennifer & Kevin Engaged


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June 29, 2010

Jennifer & Kevin Engaged






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World travelin’, sustainability guru, humanitarian, foster and adoptive mommin’, photographer, photobooth-er, educator, multiple hat wearing entrepreneur. This girl’s love language is hugs and her tank is filled by serving others. You can find her under a palm tree, on a mountain, renovating a vintage trailer/house or running through the sprinklers with her husband, two boys and three fur babies.

Who doesn’t love a good time at the Liberty Memorial?… Besides Jennifer and I being so overly sweet that the mosquitoes and bugs just flock to us. I always forget the bug spray.

These two were a naturally adorable couple who just allowed me to be in their presence and see what their love is all about. I love it when it works that way. I show up… shoot them being them.. and bam.. this is what you get. {see below}
Enjoy, the soon to be Hendricksons!

This was legit. I did no setting up here.
Just gives you butterflies looking at them doesn’t it {grin}


Aww and then “Hii-yah!”

Sooo ya, they set me up for this one. I love a fun people.

Make sure you are noticing the reds of rivalry.

What to do now? Leave those sweet words below. Anything you want.. well… almost anything! 

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  1. Love them, Jana Marler!

  2. Jean Manser says:

    Good job Jana! You took awesome pictures of them and I can't wait until the wedding pictures!
    Jenni's Mom

  3. Kevin Hendrickson II says:

    Thanks for all the great pictures Jana…. we love them!!!!

  4. Chryl Howard says:

    i love them all ,I'd hate to have to pick one!! but if i did it would be the arkansas and texas one!

  5. Henry Lee says:

    they look awesome… can't wait to see more

  6. Sunday Lynn says:

    I always knew that you guys looked great together!!!!

  7. Kev's Mom says:

    Great pics! I can't decide… Soooo many favorites!! Love them all!

  8. Cherri says:

    i do not know these 2 but you can tell they are very much in love and Jana you are a very good photographer

  9. Ashley E says:

    Love em!!

  10. Pam Kramer says:

    Not only are these pictures fun & beautiful they depict two people who are totally in love with each other. It is amazing how that comes through. They are incredibly inventive and I love them all.

  11. Roslyn Kirby-Johnson says:

    How Wonderful! No realy fav. They are all so very good. I do like the piggy back one. Can't wait for wedding pics soon! Love ya all! Roz

  12. Chad says:


  13. Barb says:

    These pictures are awesome. It is so nice to see a photographer able to capture true life moments of emotion and sincere feelings.

  14. Carol says:

    What great pictures. You really captured some great shots of a very cute couple. Way to go.

  15. Lois says:

    Love the nose to nose pic & the cool shot of them on the wall.
    Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing.

  16. Cathy Jo says:

    These pictures of two people that I adore are just awesome. It really does capture their unique personalities and the love they have for each other. What a wonderful keepsake for them. Besides that they are very gorgeous people!!! Love the pictures.

  17. Teri Messer says:

    These pics are beautiful!!! Just like the 2 people in them!!! Congrats!!!!

  18. Lauren says:

    The pictures are perfect, have fun choosing!

  19. Diana says:

    Beautiful pictures.

  20. Danielle Hendrickson says:

    These are awesome. Loved looking at these and seeing how in love they are.

    Can't wait for the wedding, its going to be just as beautiful.

  21. john says:

    wow…. these are great picures of you guys…. the jersey picture is awesome

  22. Michelle says:

    you are a really cute couple… congrats on everything!!!!

  23. mike says:

    love the pics…. you guys look great together

  24. Jess says:

    Jennifer, you are really beautiful. I love the piggy back pictures too.

  25. Jessica says:

    Another cute couple, and another great photo shoot Jana.

  26. David says:

    you can tell that you two really love each other and enjoy being around each other. If you can keep that feeling, you'll always last

  27. Becky Howard says:

    Great pics Kevin. Congrats!

  28. kenda says:

    too cute, why is he a Texas fan? is he from around our neck of the woods?

  29. Kevin says:

    All really great pictures, like the skyline sitting on the wall best I think, great looking couple, congratulations

  30. Dennis says:

    Great pics. Congrats!!!

  31. Jan Oakes says:

    Wow! These pictures are wonderful. Very unique and truely brings out the love they have for one another. Choosing from these will be a hard chose. They are all wonderful. Being an Arkansas girl myself, I am partial to that pic but they are great!

  32. Jennifer Warne says:

    Beautiful pics – beautiful couple!

  33. NurseDee says:

    so THATS what love looks like…absolutely beautiful!!!

  34. Kathy says:

    Beautiful people = beautiful pictures !!!!! Best Wishes

  35. Cheryl says:

    Too cute for words! Congrats!

  36. Dee says:

    Great pictures. Sure are a lot different than my engagement pictures.

  37. Cherie says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  38. Jana says:

    Mission accomplished!

  39. Jana says:

    WOW! This is such a perfect comment. {Thank you so much}

  40. Jana says:

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I love that you can see their beautiful relationship through art that I got to help create with them. That really reminds me of why I really love to do what I do 🙂

  41. Shelly says:

    Great pictures!!

  42. LaRae says:

    Capturing "TRUE LOVE" is a gift and Jana, you have done it. What a beautiful couple. Wishing you both much love, peace, and happiness in your new journey of marriage together. May joy always fill your heart and love always fill your soul.

  43. Hilary says:

    These are great pictures!!! Very sweet and funny

  44. Sue Stanton says:

    Great pictures! love grandma

  45. Eric McKnight says:

    Great pictures!

  46. Kristyn Hatch says:

    Cute photos! Congrats!

  47. Alex says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I love the one with the sun in the frame.

  48. Lorie says:

    Great photos of two people. Love how they capture the love they have for each other and the fun they have.

  49. Tiffany says:

    Amazing Job! I love how their personalities shine through with every photo, nothing seems staged at all! Absolutely perfect!

  50. Wayne says:

    Great pics. Congrats to the couple!!!

  51. The Atwell's says:

    My favorite is the Texas, Arkansas photo. Can't wait to see all of the pics.

  52. ron houseman says:

    really liked the pics

  53. Mark says:

    By god….. ya'll go together like pees and carrots. great pics too.

  54. Lisa Strickland says:

    These are great pictures. I am a friend of Lori's. She just told me that you guys are getting married. Congratulations

  55. donna says:

    hi donna here, looking at these pic. it is hard to belive you could be old enough to get marriaged… seems as if you were just about 5 going off to school…i liked so so many ,, it would be hard to pick… are both so good looking. take care..GOD bless you two.

  56. Sara Hagerman says:

    great pics. An adorable couple. Best wishes.

  57. Michelle H. says:

    Great pics! Best of luck to you for the years to come 🙂

  58. Cindy says:

    These were wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Great photographer! Great Couple! 🙂

  59. Linda & Benny says:

    Awesome pictures! We can see why Lori is so proud! 🙂

  60. Lashae Bacon says:

    They look like pictures out of a magazine for JCPenny or something lol VERY NICE!

  61. DMP says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!! Enjoy every minute of your new adventure! You two look so happy!!!

  62. Angela says:

    WOW, these pictures are awesome!

  63. Dee says:

    I love them all, BUT my favorite is where Kevin is carrying her on his back. It's the best photo of them all. Their love is written all over their faces.

  64. Aunt Shalah says:

    Love all the pics, but my favorite one is the legit one. So honest & true. Love, Aunt Shalah

  65. Terri says:

    The pics are great!!! Their love shines thru!!

  66. Donna says:

    Love your pictures! Lori is so proud and I see why!!

  67. Heather Hempel says:

    The pictures are very good and creative! great job and good luck.

  68. elaine says:

    great pictures, good looking couple.

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