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When we become the muses for a change, I totally understand how my clients feel. 

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An itinerary from the ocean & islands of Phuket to the city & forests of Chiang Mai. 


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An itinerary from the ocean & islands of Phuket to the city & forests of Chiang Mai. 




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Hello there!
I'm a Photographer, Educator, Shop, sustainability guru, foster and adoptive mama, multiple hat wearing entrepreneur. My love language is hugs and my tank is filled by serving others. You can find me world travelin', renovating a vintage trailer/house or doing something fun with her husband, two boys and three fur babies. 

The Rash Family

The Independence square knows how to light up the fall colors. This is my portrait session Heaven come September and October. And Miranda and Joe soaked it all in with their little fall cut9i9e in her cordaroy overall dress. Love this trio so much.

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The Todd Family, Lifestyle

They did NOT want normal fall photos. So we got ice cream in our bell bottoms instead. YESS! “You can’t buy me love, but you can buy me ice cream” hit home as a special quote for them too. What a special day. I just adore Jess and her family. Seriously, check out these epic […]

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Bobbit Family

The Bobbit family enjoying some gorgeous sunshine, running wild and free in their backyard with their newest killer swing set made by nobody better than dad himself. Also, how adorable are these custom t-shirts made by mom a dad?

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When my funny family gets behind the lens..

It’s always a weird feeling being on the other side of a camera. When WE become the muses for a change, I totally understand how my clients feel. It can be weird friends, I get it. But find a photographer you can relate to, and that makes you feel comfortable enough to be you during […]

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Independence Mo family, KC family photographer, Kansas City portraits, Fall portraits, Rosson Family

The Rosson Bundle

Year after year, season after season, kiddo after kiddo the Rosson family keeps calling me back. Honored would be an understatement. I know you all are my friends, but it means the world to me when you all are my biggest cheerleaders and believe in my artistry and photography. I just love watching your family […]

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Johnson Family at Kessler Park

If you ever want to know how to make your kids happy, just take them to a fountain of water. Lore and Victor just lit up when we finally said, “Let’s go across the street and play in the fountains.” All of their smiles and little personalities beamed so big when we let them play and just be […]

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Featured photographer, Jana Marie Photos, Shulers, Birchwood pastor, adorable children

The Shulers | Indep fall portraits

Some of my favorite little guys ever! I constantly am the one chasing them around the pews of our church before and after service. Peaking around corners to scare them into a hug they so unwillingly didn’t want to give. Always hearing the “naner naner boo boo” from behind me as I converse with my […]

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