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An itinerary from the ocean & islands of Phuket to the city & forests of Chiang Mai. 




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I'm a Photographer, Educator, Shop, sustainability guru, foster and adoptive mama, multiple hat wearing entrepreneur. My love language is hugs and my tank is filled by serving others. You can find me world travelin', renovating a vintage trailer/house or doing something fun with her husband, two boys and three fur babies. 

Johnson Family at Kessler Park

If you ever want to know how to make your kids happy, just take them to a fountain of water. Lore and Victor just lit up when we finally said, “Let’s go across the street and play in the fountains.” All of their smiles and little personalities beamed so big when we let them play and just be […]

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5 year anniversary with Jess & Tim on Lake Jacomo

Jessica & Tim have been married for 5 years.. and they love their family of 3. Their puppy as their child. This Beloved session is of two very outdoorsy people… who always challenge their fear and search for thrill seeking experiences. They sky dive, bunji jump, do marathons, play in the mud, spend time outdoors […]

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Baby Avery

Avery Elizabeth Gibler- we simply liked the name Avery and Elizabeth is a family name. She was 20 inches and 7 lbs 9 oz. Born Dec 28th at 1:30 p.m. From mama: “My favorite moment is when Braydon came up to me while I was  holding her, lays his head on her head and says […]

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Kansas City portrait photography + Demo Video Part 1

I just wanted to share some stinking cute photos I grabbed quickly from tonights demo video shoot-part 1. A HUGE and SPECIAL thank you to Matthew Collins for allowing us to use his awesome vintage bike… Bryce Veazey & Matt Hawley with Hawleywood Productions, Sharaya & Kyle Mauck for modeling their beauty even after the […]

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Beautiful people at Loose Park

I couldn’t ask for better weather or better subjects. This session was such a warm sunset… and there were flowers galore.. that this session almost seemed dream like. Check out this beautiful family and welcome this cute little boy into our big world of discovering things and stretching our limbs. As always, don’t leave the […]

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Family, Lifestyle

Leslie & Daniel

Congratulations on your engagement Leslie & Daniel! And I think every little boy in the world should want to take their pictures as much as these two did. Not only did they love to get their pictures taken, but they did back flips, hand springs, triple this, double that (smiles).. They will be heart breakers.. […]

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What do you get when two good looking people make babies?

GOOD LOOKING BABIES! These are some of my favorite people on earth. I have known Donovan for years. And we go way back. To think that my friends have children (beautiful children) who are in FIRST grade just baffles me. These girls are hip and they worked their stuff in the freezing cold. And they […]

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The Giblers

The young and beautiful Gibler family. Enjoy the colors. We took these a few days before all the leaves were completely gone. Woo. Look how well baby Brayden looked at the camera. Yay. These two worked it.. model style. Brayden’s first time playing in the leaves.

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Children, Family, Lifestyle

The Stones

The Stone family.. there are no words to describe them. It was great to reunite with my middle hitter from college volleyball and two of my favorite girls also from Graceland. I miss their supportive and silly parents. Uw and (little) Chris.. great to finally meet the one I’ve heard so much about. Your goofy […]

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Children, Family, Lifestyle

Alex’s Sneak-a-Peak Photos

Another beautiful model…and one of the only two spring days we have had so far. It was gorgeous weather. Come back in a few days. I’ll have tons more. Meet Jacks.. the super fun drooly boxer Love the colors..

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Mallory, Danny, & Matty {Vegas lifestyle}

What a beautiful baby girl. Maddy is the new addition to the Dyer family. And the best part was, is the gallon of potty fluids released over mama during our session {smiles} I love you all dearly. It’s been so fun being a part of this little ones life. I can’t help but obsess over […]

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