The Deltoro Family


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November 16, 2023

The Deltoro Family






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World travelin’, sustainability guru, humanitarian, foster and adoptive mommin’, photographer, photobooth-er, educator, multiple hat wearing entrepreneur. This girl’s love language is hugs and her tank is filled by serving others. You can find her under a palm tree, on a mountain, renovating a vintage trailer/house or running through the sprinklers with her husband, two boys and three fur babies.

For photographers, we all crave that perfect light around sunset, the “Golden Hour.” The way it gives everyone that perfect angelic halo glow, the softness in the shadows, the warmth as it hits our skin. I once had a session at sunset, but it was a gloomy day in Kansas City. The couple was about 20 minutes behind which already meant our session would be forced to be shorter if we wanted natural light. The natural light just wasn’t there though as the rain storms were coming in. It was a cloudy day, the sprinkles were already misting and the grey clouds were overriding any sun that was left. The street lights were already on and it was an hour before sunset. I was in a bit of a panic.

It was after that that I started considering sunRISE sessions. The morning “golden hour.” (And this golden hour is impeccable for color AND black and white images). See below.

Why morning sessions? Because if anyone’s late, at least we still have a full day of natural light to shoot right? The light would only get brighter, not darker. And I know we can always find shade.

This was an example of a stunning morning session and how it captures the same type of warm feeling. And I LOVED it. Babies and children are more happy in the morning as they’re freshly rested. In the evening, it’s too close to bed time and they’re exhausted.

I’ve thoroughly loved doing morning sessions more. And I think it gives the same results.

What do you think?

Do you think it’d be harder or easier for families, couples and high school seniors to do morning vs evening sessions? What do you think are the pros and cons? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

And congratulations to the beautiful Deltoro trio as they grow in their beautiful family.

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