Sara & Kelly | Beloved at Loose Park


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May 17, 2016

Sara & Kelly | Beloved at Loose Park






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World travelin’, sustainability guru, humanitarian, foster and adoptive mommin’, photographer, photobooth-er, educator, multiple hat wearing entrepreneur. This girl’s love language is hugs and her tank is filled by serving others. You can find her under a palm tree, on a mountain, renovating a vintage trailer/house or running through the sprinklers with her husband, two boys and three fur babies.

I love photographing couples at places that mean something to them. Places where they spend their time or where they grew up. For Kelly & Sara, they loved being outdoors at Loose Park with their puppies, it’s the neighborhood Sara grew up in, and they love this park! (As we all do right)? One of the most beautiful parks in Kansas City. Their love was glowing about as beautiful as the sunshine. What a great couple. They seriously do NOT take a bad photograph. So excited for their wedding day. You can tell they are just so lovely. Congrats to you both.2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark001-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark002-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark003-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark004-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark005-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark0062016May14-KellySara-LoosePark007-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark008-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark0092016May14-KellySara-LoosePark0102016May14-KellySara-LoosePark011-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark012-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark013-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark014-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark015-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark016-2016May14-KellySara-LoosePark0172016May14-KellySara-LoosePark0182016May14-KellySara-LoosePark019-

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  1. Cindy says:

    Aw, what precious and peacefully loving pictures. These are beautiful!!

  2. Julie Porter says:

    What beautiful engagement photos! Even dogs appear to have cooperated!

  3. Julie Porter says:

    Beautiful engagement photos! You are right, they did not take a single bad shot!

    Julie Porter

  4. Julie Porter says:

    What beautiful engagement photos! I’m so excited for these two! Even the dogs appear to have cooperated!
    Photos by Jana Marie Photography

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