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Jamie + Taylor’s backyard bbq {Vail wedding}


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October 20, 2012

Jamie + Taylor’s backyard bbq {Vail wedding}






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When Jamie and Taylor planned their wedding in Sept of this year, in Vail Colorado… they had intentions. The timing with the aspen trees was breathtaking. The rolling mountains were all shades of fall colors, and get this, the day we left from Vail back to Denver, it SNOWED. WITH the Aspen trees of yellows and oranges. Some of the images turned out like a canvas painting.. (see more on my facebook page: www.Facebook.com/JanaMariePhotography)

The reason I wanted to post this family BBQ from the Vail wedding I got to shoot of my super awesome friend Jamie’s wedding.. is because they had 3 different continents, and I think it was over 30 states in the US, of people that attended their wedding. Getting together for them, was obviously a big deal. My favorite part, is that Jamie (the bride), her foreign exchange student brother from high school and his fiancé from Holland were there, AND Jamie’s mom ALSO had her foreign exchange student brother from when SHE was in high school, attend with his wife as well all the way from Australia. What a fun atmosphere. Family and friends all together in one place.

So not only did we get to shoot the wedding, but I came along to the BBQ and the dinner rehearsal to grab some images of everyone as we all had a giant reunion. What a fun week! If you’d like to see all their BBQ and dinner rehearsal images, please click here. The wedding pictures are coming right after this post.. cheers!

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  2. Cindy says:

    OH, my gosh…….LOVE THESE!! The colors are FABULOUS – praying for you both in your new life together. Thanks for allowing me to share your special day with you!!

  3. Janet says:

    Loved looking at the pictures and reliving the wonderful weekend! God Bless Jamie and Taylor and their marriage! It was a time for me to relive all the memories of watching Jamie grow up and celebrating the milestone in her life! Love always from Janet!

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