My dog died and came back to life.


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February 11, 2010

My dog died and came back to life.






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What a scary day today. How quickly something bad can happen. (Another reason to embrace every second)

My dog got electrocuted by her warming dog bowl today in the kennel and I was standing there watching-HORRIBLE-then I tried rushing in to get her, panicking, and got shocked myself. I thought she was dead. Bleeding out the mouth, stiff as a door. I was frantic…. so…. was rushing around getting my keys and running her to the hospital and I was in my car saying “Jersey, Jersey” over and over and BAM.

Up popped her pretty little head like, “what, you need me, what’s goin on, huh, where am I?” Oh my goodness it was so terrible and humorous all at the same time. I called my dad balling like a baby saying she was dead.. I just knew it. And then she resurrected. I now call her Jesus. Thought I’d share my story of the day with you.

She’s alive and well, like nothin ever happened. Got a bath, spoonin in side with me. Livin the dream. –What a close and scary call.

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  1. Oh my goodness! So glad she is okay. What a terrifying experience for both of you!

  2. Jana Marler says:

    I have thus come to the conclusion that she is cursed. See my Facebook page for details (smiles)

  3. Cindy says:

    She is cursed, allright, the little devil!! And then the bump on your head and the scrape on your knee………………she is too tough to go!

  4. cassy im 10 says:

    na uhh she aint no devvil my dog died and came back hes a chines crusted hes a runt though (smiles) i was sooo scared

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  6. hannah says:

    im happy that all of your dog came back but my beagle puppy just died and she was my life and will always be so if.u. ever have somthing very spechal to u hold.on to it because wasned it gone it gone and so is a hafe of u Rip dixie date of birth 4/16/14 date of death 8/16/14 and she has not came back at all and probly wont love u dixie so much will all my heRnt

  7. linette says:

    My dog got electricuted to and died and came back to life

    • admin says:

      REALLY?? Oh my gosh, i’m just now seeing these comments, I don’t know how I missed them. I can’t believe someone else’s pup went through the same type of thing. It seems like it’s more common than not. Glad to hear your pup was safe.

  8. Andy says:

    Yesterday, I was in my backyard when I heard a loud bang and a people screaming. Our 6 month old beautiful chocolate Labrador puppy was hit by a car in a 25 mph zone – the woman driver was chatting away while driving a huge SUV. Apparently, a lady was jogging with her golden retriever across the street, which triggered the playful response from our puppy.

    I ran over and saw our family dog lying dead on the ground, his beautiful green eyes wide open – not blinking, his body motionless. He was on his right side lying on a pile of fall leaves, with his legs stretch out. The two women were crying and left him for dead in the street, my wife was despondent in shock.

    What was I going to tell our 6 and 8 year old children, who doted over him every day and fought over him for sleepovers on their beds? So, I leaned over and called his name “Bear” and saw his mouth sort of move, his nose bleeding, and he was wet and bloody underneath. I wanted to comfort him in his short life and be there for him as he passed.

    I then picked him up and placed him in the back seat of the car, blood on the seats and rushed him over to the 24/7 animal hospital; which normally was 20 minutes away in about 7 minutes, blowing my horn though red lights and safely arriving. His eyes seemed to be coming back and I attempted to put my hand on him as I rushed to the hospital.

    At some point during the ride Bear had managed to move to the bottom of the back seat, when we arrived at the hospital he managed to stand up on all four legs, and I proceeded to pick him up, and carry him to the dog stretcher, which was waiting outside. Fortunately, our neighbor rushed over and called the hospital to let them know we were coming. They wheeled him to the back of the hospital to be evaluated. A half an hour went by and through some miracle, he appeared to not only be alive; but they said no broken bones and only minor lacerations (i.e. road rash).

    As I write this, he’s still in the hospital today, and has been in the ICU under observation on paid medications, but his vitals are good. His blood pressure is level and he’s able to eat, his lungs are able to take in air, and his x-rays were encouraging.

    He’s still on an IV, and we are going to visit him tonight at 6pm. It’s a tough decision to take the kids or not, because he’s still not completely in the clear. But we are very optimistic, and we all know that a small miracle occurred when our dead dog, suddenly came to life when I called his name and touched his face, and picked him off the ground in a desperate act of compassion.

    • admin says:

      WOW! Is that insane or what? I can’t believe stories like this. It’s so supernatural. I’ve heard of people recently passing too, and people will go to pray over them and they “wake up.” It’s just nuts. There are definitely miracles around us every day it’s just a matter of paying attention to them. I love when people share stories like this because they are so encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing. So so crazy. I hope your little chocolate pup is doing better now. Our current dog is seriously my life (I might even love him more than my husband, shhh, haha). So I just can’t imagine losing him. I know with all our loses in the past with our pups and even kitties (and other pets) that it’s been so so hard for us all. I’m going to have a lot of fun creatures to meet at the gates of Heaven one day… I can’t wait! 🙂 Glad your kids get more bedtime snuggles with your dog! Those are our favorite with our Golden Doodle, Floyd, also 🙂 Hugs! And Merry Christmas

  9. Maisey says:

    Yesterday my Chihuahua Jackie was acting strange. She kept hiding and looked very sad. I told my boyfriend she was acting strange and he went over to her and said she was twitching. I went to take a look and her breathing was rapid and her little arms were cramping up. We started to worry we brought her up to the bed and she only got worse. It seemed she really could not breath her eyes were bulging and her tounge started to hang out. I was terrified and began crying. She started to act disoriented and was just digging her head wherever she could. We could tell she was in pain and did not know how to help. Finally her pupils got super dialated and I can hear her heart beat slower and slower. Then her body cramped up and she took a deep breath and she seemed not normal but better the twitching stopped. This morning she is much better has diarreah but looks so much better. Thank God.

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