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When we become the muses for a change, I totally understand how my clients feel. 

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Ever find yourself saying the same thing over & over again? Have you ever calculated your time responding

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This Welcome Guide just screams high end presentation. Woo your couples who are inquiring 

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An itinerary from the ocean & islands of Phuket to the city & forests of Chiang Mai. 


An itinerary from the ocean & islands of Phuket to the city & forests of Chiang Mai. 




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Hello there!
I'm a Photographer, Educator, Shop, sustainability guru, foster and adoptive mama, multiple hat wearing entrepreneur. My love language is hugs and my tank is filled by serving others. You can find me world travelin', renovating a vintage trailer/house or doing something fun with her husband, two boys and three fur babies. 

Enjoying the sunshine with my love…

My beautiful man, Philip and I, just love spending time outdoors and were so ready for yesterdays 70 degree weather. It’s FINALLY here right? So we decided we’d just stroll through the bike trails of Independence and check out some sweet spots we’ve been wanting to adventure through. We are dorks yes… tripoding our camera on […]

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The Kroesen family

Little boys=big messes when it comes to the mud. Little Eli loved being outside running in the fields and playing with the dirt and tall grass. Subtracting the 90 degree heat with a spice of humidity at 9:30am would have sufficed, but we still enjoyed each others company. I think the Kroesen’s found themselves a […]

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